Spring Cleaning

Our Top Tips! 

With the recent Instagram sensation cleaning goddess ‘Mrs Hinch’ her ‘Hinching Army’ and the Netflix hit ‘Tidying Up’ we decided to join in and share our house keepers best tricks to keeping our apartments looking spectacularly shiny providing us with a perfect cleanliness rating!

There is nothing worse than staying somewhere, un-hoovered, with a shower head full of limescale and with a coffeemaker that makes ‘dusty’ tasting coffee. No one wants to sleep on sheets that aren’t bright crisp white and why should they?

You can be rest assured that our house keepers are expertly trained and your apartment is cleaned thoroughly before you stay with us. We understand the importance of staying somewhere that is fresh, clean and tidy but we also understand the importance of the planet and environment which is why we aim to use products that are organic and eco- friendly. See below five top tips for first-rate results!


  1. Fill a sandwich bag with white vinegar and fit it to the shower head. Let it soak overnight. The acetic acid in vinegar diminishes even the hard to beat bacteria!
  2. After sanitising the sink, polish the faucets and tap handles with wax paper. This not only removes water spots but also helps prevent future stains. The sink should be dazzling!
  3. Dampen sponges, place them in the microwave for 90 seconds and it will zap the amount of bacterial contamination by up to 99%.
  4. Leave baking soda on a mattress for a few hours to absorb any odours after hoovering it. Hoover up the excess baking soda to be left with a beautifully clean place to rest your head.
  5. Mix a few tablespoons of lemon juice and water into a spray bottle. Spray on to windows and mirrors to clean.