Mid-Term accommodation in Cambridge

A new type of renting that puts you in the driving seat

Mid-Term accommodation in Cambridge made easy

No deposit needed

All we do is take the first weeks rent upfront

All your bills included

Gas, electricity, water, internet and council tax

Only 2 weeks notice

No longer the need to be tied into lengthy notice periods

Turnkey apartments

Fully equipped with all your home comforts so no need to bring anything but your clothes

No set length

We offer any length of stays whether it be days, months or years

We empower renters and movers to make their own choices. Are you looking to make your next move but find yourself restricted by a long tenancy tying you down?

Mid term renting is a new way to access the UK property market. We believe there should be a middle ground between nightly hotels and six-month or yearly tenancy contracts.  All you need to do is give us a call today and let us find your perfect property.

Flexible, fuss-free renting

Are you looking for mid term accommodation in Cambridge?

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